Co-Brand Request Form

My name is Oskar Thorvaldsson, our factory was established in 1993 and is now called Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers, Inc., online at -. We have always focused our efforts on creating pure supplements and for this reason started a brand called Vitamins Without Junk.

Did you ever consider promoting your own brand of supplements? We are looking for 2 to 3 influencers to partner with.

Why It’s Profitable to Sell Supplements NOW? 

90% of Americans are turning to supplements as their source for improving health. Business is booming and the supplement industry has grown to a 270-billion industry. That’s great news for businesses selling supplements - especially if you have top-selling product. There is so much money, even claiming a small piece of the pie could result in a 7-figure business. You can scale and have a profitable business, and it starts with a lasting, standard-quality product.

If you are good at social media or affiliate marketing then consider taking advantage of our manufacturing expertise!


We are willing to fund up to 100% of the operation. The amount we fund depends on your proof of previous affiliate programs and/or social media success. You may qualify for up to 90% financing right out the gate and up to 100% funding after we work together a bit. This would be a long term program enabling you to earn money on a residual basis.


Here is how it would look. We manufacture the product and label it with your own company or personal name and your own desired look and feel.



We do all the work from helping you decide what ingredients will be in the product, to insuring the project for product liability (no liability for you), we also do all the following:

  • Help you decide on ingredients
  • Help you design the label
  • We print the label
  • We test each ingredient
  • We manufacture the product
  • We test the finished product for quality
  • We store the products in climate controlled warehouses or send to Amazon
  • We connect to your website
  • We sell the product on Vitamins Without Junk website
  • Product liability insurance is included
  • Shipping, pick and pack is included

You promote your own product (without FTC disclosures, since this is your own product)

Then we split the profit 50-50!  How much is in it for you? Same as for us!

Basic Cost Calculations 

From Amazon Prime
Retail Cost $20.00
Manuf Cost + Overh. -$5.00
Amazon 15% -$3.00
Ship to Prime -$1.00
Ship from Prime -$3.00
Amazon ads -$2.00
Profit $6.00
Split $3.00
Amazon from Our Warehouse
Retail Cost $20.00
Manuf Cost + Overh. -$5.00
Amazon 15% -$3.00
N/A $ -
Ship 1st Class -$3.00
Amazon ads -$2.00
Profit $7.00
Split $3.50
From Our Warehouse
Retail Cost $20.00
Manuf Cost + Overh. -$5.00
$ -
$ -
Ship 1st Class -$3.00
Amazon ads -$2.00
Profit $10.00
Split $5.00
 The product would be co branded with our Vitamins Without Junk guaranteeing the quality of your product, as seen on the picture, “Quality Assurance by”.


The design of the label is up to you! We will help you not to make claims outside of FDA's GMP guidelines. We will show you exactly what you can and cannot do, so training is included.



 We ship directly to Amazon or directly to your end customers.  


Contracting with us will get you peace of mind knowing your supplements deliver REAL results. Which is the first step to your customers falling in love with your brand. For your business to grow, customers must trust and use your product!


We Make it Easy for You to Qualify Us! 

We are Double GMP Certified, which means we are acknowledged in our industry for Good Manufacturing Practice. With us, you get quality product of the highest order!

Your customers will trust you...and order again and again. Your supplements go through our state-of-the-art Botanical Fingerprinting process. This ensures that your ingredients 100% match your label. This way your customers know exactly what they’re getting, which reduces problems and complaints when using your product.

The biggest raw material suppliers in the world can try to pass off substandard herbs, and other manufacturers could be susceptible to letting them pass.

Truth is, many manufacturers don’t test for identity to make money. To our experience this causes over 30% of the botanicals to be mislabeled and the product adulterated. We don’t do that.

We pride ourselves in giving you 100% exactly what’s on the label. Your formula contains pure ingredients - no filler, no harmful substances. 

We lab test all raw-materials we use in your product, PLUS lab testing on your finished product, are included. Testing includes Microbiology, Heavy Metals (Including Prop 65 compliance), Identity, Potency AND label claim testing.

Top notch customer service. Whenever you contact us….you speak with a REAL person, who is ready to hear you out and answer all your questions.

We pride ourselves in manufacturing and delivering on time and we will keep you abreast of what’s happening every step of the way.

Let’s Qualify You

The next step would be for us to evaluate you as a potential partner in our co-branded program. Please send over any social media profile links as well as any previous examples of affiliate program success. We are looking for a good fit. We hope you are the one! In order to find out then please explain to us how successful you have been on social media and affiliate marketing. Feel free to include screenshots, financial statements, contact to recruiters and any other means, such as amount of followers, sales, clicks, and more.

Proof of Social Media Success  Followers  Sales  Clicks  URL
Tik Tok        
Sina Weibo        
Baidu Tieba

 Proof of affiliate marketing success  Followers  Sales  Clicks  URL
 Amazon Associates        
 eBay Partners        
 Shopify Affiliate        
 Clickbank Clickbank        
 Rakuten Marketing        
 Leadpages Partner Program        
 StudioPress Affiliate Website        
 CJ Affiliate        
 Bluehost Affiliate Program        
 ConvertKit Affiliate Program        
 MaxBounty Affiliate Network        
 Google AdSense        
 Chitika Publishers Network